Video Auto Click Review

Video review of Video Auto Click

Video Auto Click lets you put YouTube videos on your timeline, on any fan page you manage or on any Facebook group you are a member of. It lets you add a call to action (affiliate) link under the video and it will redirect people to your affiliate link once they finish watching the video!

It doesn't get any easier to have videos on your Facebook timeline than using Video Auto Click.​ In fact you can call this a no thrills to the point software. It doesn't come with 1000 bells and whistles and that's a good thing. It does what it meant to do and it does it well.

Check out the video I created for IMSmartMoney on Video Auto Click above to see it in action.

  • Super easy to use
  • Auto Plays videos on Facebook
  • Grabs users attention
  • Web based works on Macs & PCs

I'm not a huge fan of the dated looking user interface, but Brett the creator seems to go with this style a lot. ​Overall its a simple form you fill out with your Youtube video URL and a few options you set and that's it you are ready to go. Your video will be on your Facebook timeline for all your visitors to see.

Summary: I am not going to do a huge review on this product or hype it up, besides we don't do hype on Marketer Genius. Do you need Video Auto Click? If you want or need auto playing videos on your Facebook timeline with a way to push affiliate links to the users then you really don't have many options.

The price we resell it for can not be beat, the retail is $97, we resell it for $9.95 and honestly it's not feature rich enough to charge more than $30 for. Sure it's a useful tool, but so many "marketers" charge too much for too little, granted Brett allows the resellers to set the price, hence in true Marketer Genius fashion we only charge $9.95 for it and that price it is a deal. So grab our special pricing on Video Auto Click below. And no it's not a limited time offer so if you don't need it today, don't worry you can pick it up from us later at the same discounted price...

Video Auto Click
  • Ease of Use
  • Features
  • Price


Video Auto Click allows you to use your YouTube videos to market on Facebook with some ninja like features. Video Auto Click allows you to post your YouTube videos to Facebook Pages, Fan Pages ad Groups allowing you to add a call to action placed beneath them and when the video reaches the end it will auto forward the viewer to any URL you wish, this is very powerful.






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