About Us

Thanks for your interest in who Marketer Genius really is. It’s always nice to know you’re dealing with real people who care about their customers. Well you asked for it, I’m going to give you lots of details. Coming from someone who has always stayed out of the spotlight this is big thing for me, but I want you to know exactly who I am to understand why Marketer Genius exists.

Oh, by the way, I am human, so you are bound to find spelling errors or even improper grammar. I ask for your and my wife’s forgiveness in advance; she is such a great speller compared to me.

First off, let me introduce myself, my name is Tony Chamberlain. I was born in North Carolina, which is off the East Coast of the US. I have lived in many states, and my last move was from Colorado Springs, Colorado to the northern part of Idaho to a town named Sand Point. Most people hear Idaho and think potatoes which I find hilarious I haven’t seen a potato farm yet. I live at a huge lake in a beautiful mountainous area. I am about 60 miles south of the Canadian boarder and 45 minutes east of Washington State border. Moved here to get away from all the craziness of huge cities and let my family enjoy nature more.

Hey look I’m real!   Not some bot pretending to be human.

I have been in Internet Marketing for over 14 years. Heck, I was working online before most people ever heard of the Internet… I’m starting to make myself sound like a dinosaur. I am not that old, I just started with computers when I was 7, again most people had an Atari 2600 when I was programming. I have owned 2 Internet Service Providers over the years ( sold both long ago ), the Internet has always fascinated me. I run numerous websites and have marketed under various pen names over the years such as BlackMagic Traffic, IM Smart Money to name a couple. Now under Marketer Genius, this one is permanent; read below why.

It’s incredible that you can make money without ever leaving your house, but many think it’s all a scam and I understand why. Perhaps they tried and failed, or are turned off by all the “GURU” spammy marketers who show off “their” million dollar homes and high-end sports cars. Yeah been there done that, it’s nice and all, but if you have to brag about it then you need to convince others you are successful. When you have really made that, you will not need to show off.

Making money online is real, but too many follow the newest shiny object. You know the one’s… they buy everything that comes out. Spend 10 minutes on it and move on to the next new fad. To be honest, I suffered from it for a while myself.

That’s why I decided to create Genius Marketer, to tell the real truth about products and services being pushed to the masses. Don’t get me wrong; I know there are some other decent people offering reviews on products, but they can not review them all. And perhaps they have a different take on things than us. Or perhaps they are afraid to tell the full truth.

It drives me nuts to see a new product get released and have 30 emails using the exact same copy pushing it. Also, what makes me even hotter is when the product is clearly a dud, and they are still claiming how great it is. I have unsubscribed to so many marketers over this; I can’t count them all.

That picture is from my main work area. It was gloomy outside when I took the photo; I guess I should have turned on some lights. This is from my new home office & video studio I just recently had constructed as a dedicated work area for Marketer Genius. So this is where I spend most my days, yeah I could have rented an office building, but I had enough of commutes. I think of this area as the “Command Center,” hey doesn’t everyone want a Bat Cave?

The video studio is almost finished; it’s out the door to the left, not that you can see the door in the photo. I do have an office inside my home as well, for the times I don’t want a 2-minute walk, or we’re having a blizzard. Yeah, we get massive snow storms in the winter, but the summers are awesome, and the lake has a nice beach area. In fact, it’s so deep the US Navy tests submarines in it.

Oh, notice that large 40-inch monitor on the wall, it cycles through many screens non-stop so we can keep on top of things. One screen that pops up every 4 minutes is our help desk displaying tickets so I can make sure our customers are being taken care of. Right now it’s telling me all my websites are up, which is important as well. All this is done to provide the best customer response we can deliver.

In fact, we set up our help desk website before our main website, how crazy is that? Well, we didn’t want to start offering any products or services before we had a way to be reached and assist our customers. If you ever need anything from our staff or me, just visit http://helpdesk.marketergenius.com

We’re serious about making our customers happy, and that should speak loudly. Have you every tried contacting a marketer never to hear back from them… well, that will never happen with us. Submit a ticket and you’ll get a reply!

Then you have the Mac & PC monitors on my desk, yeah I use both. Not too crazy about Windows 10, but sometimes it’s helpful to have a full PC to test things on. We make cross-platform applications on the side. Being a programmer helps me better understand the flaws of software we review.

Wow, have I talked your head off yet? Just know that Marketer Genius is genuine ​and sincere in helping you succeed. Assisted by my wife and a couple of assistants, we strive to provide you the knowledge and tools to make money online. Never hesitate to contact us if we can assist you. Thanks for reading my little novel. Tony @ Marketer Genius – Thanks!

Our LinkedIn page https://www.linkedin.com/company/marketer-genius/