Pixal Review

Review of Pixal

This is the kind of a review I don't enjoy doing, I respect the creator of the product and I know he makes great products overall. I just can not give this product a top rating for many reasons. I even recommend some free options below over buying Pixal.

I like many purchased Pixal on lunch day because it seems like my kind of product. I grab up anything that can may my life easier. Pixal was billed as the best HTML5 banner / graphic creator to date.

For those that do not know, HTML 5 is the current web standard for video and dynamic HTML for animated graphics and markup. It's so powerful you can create full video games with it. That's the problem it's so powerful to fully master it will take a lot of dedication. So when a tool comes out to make things easy I'm all ears.

Pixal's front end launch was the editor with some templates included and then during the OTO's they sold you more templates. I was turned off right away when I seen the quality of the included and OTO templates, but I though hey I can make my own graphics with Photoshop or Youzing and use Pixal for the final animations. In theory this can be done, but in practice it was not so easy.

Above is some of Pixal's included banners. I feel like I am back in web 1.0 days again

Pixal kept freezing up on me. I run a lot of browser plugins, well actually I run a lot of browsers in general each with a whole slew of plugins.

I started to try to troubleshoot the issue by disabling my browser plugins. The freezing persisted, so I got down to the 4 plugins I refused to disable such as Last Pass, Ghostery and some development plugins and the issues still popped up.

I have many machines using many OSes I have Windows 7 & 10 and Mac OS X  from the last 3 versions since I do programming I find it handy to have access to all of these different test systems. Well all of them have some sort of issue using Firefox, Chrome or Safari which leads me to believe there is an issue on Pixal's side.

Pixal was billed as point and click and overall that's exactly what it is, it doesn't require you to learn HTML 5 at all which is the best thing it has going for it. I did run in to a few interface issues and noticed if I clicked the wrong thing by mistake then I would lose all my work. So beware if you do purchase it watch what you are clicking or you will be starting over from scratch.

Even when Pixal worked correctly I wasn't too impressed with the feature set, especially being billed as the greatest HTML 5 editor to date. Then seeing all the emails from various marketers really hit home on why I decided to do these kinds of reviews.  Anyone that touted this as the worlds greatest editor either doesn't have a clue or just flat out lied for your money.

I will not be posting an affiliate link for Pixal because I do not promote what I wouldn't use myself and that's what sets Marketer Genius apart from 99% of the other affiliates that will promote anything for a quick buck.

Summary:  At this time I do not recommend Pixal, I am hoping Richard fixes the issues I experienced and adds some more features to the base product. Also some more templates included in the base product would be nice as well. Hopefully a little more professional looking ones. Again Richard seems like a great guy, I am not sure what happened with this product it doesn't seem up to his standards to me. When we rate items we consider a few things price, ease of use and features. It's not included in the ratings, but promises should be something to consider and this did not meet the promises being made to me.

If you want an HTML 5 editor that requires some learning, but produces excellent results check out these free applications below.

Please bookmark us before you go, we'll love to share with you more great reviews and free tools to keep you from buying a solution that's not right for you.

Google Web Designer completely free ( this one will require some learning )

Animatron free with paid options ( a little more point and click user friendly )

  • Ease of Use
  • Features
  • Price


Pixal is not all bad, but overall I think it needed a little more TLC before it was released. It's creator Richard Fairbairn typically makes great products. In fact we promote many of them on Marketer Genius. I know it's hard to support so many different browsers across operating systems and perhaps that should make it mandatory to support only 2 browsers across Mac & PC operating systems. It would make it a lot easier to troubleshoot issues that way. Do I recommend Pixal at this time, sorry I can not. Perhaps in the near future few of the kinks will get ironed out.





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