Affiliate Trax Review

Affiliate Trax Review

Review of Affiliate Trax

Get the edge over other JVZoo Affiliates by knowing how your promotions are doing at any given moment and grabbing leads right from under the vendors you promote automatically.

If you do any affiliate sales on JVZoo you might of noticed how difficult it is to collect leads from the sales you create for product vendors. You get to build their list, but how about your list? You are the one that created the sale!

Affiliate Trax is a web based application that will connect to your JVZoo account and grab the leads from sales you made as an affiliate. Get real-time statistics right at your fingertips, so you can always see what's working and what's not... this is CRUCIAL if you want to build a successful affiliate marketing business. By collecting leads of buyers you can grow your mailing lists and increase your repeat sales because a paying buyer is worth 20x more than a lead that's never purchased from you.

If grabbing leads wasn't enough to justify the price Affiliate Trax also has JVZoo sale statistics. This can keep your from wasting your time with bad products. Now you can easily get refund rates for the products you've sold, so you always know with the "click of mouse," which vendors you want to continue promoting and which vendors you should stop promoting or perhaps rethink how you promote them.

If you are new at affiliate marketing 2 case studies that show you exactly how to make money as an affiliate is included inside the members are to help kick start you.

Below is a peek of the included training you get with Affiliate Trax

Affiliate Trax Review and Bonuses

The included training on it's own is worth more than the $27 special pricing.
This is truly a deal for anyone looking to do affiliate marketing with JVZoo.

Affiliate Trax reporting

The image above is a quick glance of how JVZoo stats look inside Affiliate Trax

Affiliate Trax brings true professional level affiliate tools to JVZoo affiliates giving you a bird's eye view of your affiliate statistics so you can focus on what's important... making money.

Check out this video showing Affiliate Trax's statistics reporting.

Summary: This is the only tool I am aware of that empowers JVZoo affiliates to make better promotion desicions and build their lists from their affiliate sales automatically. While it could have a few more auto-responders supported over all it covers the basis and is in a price range that anyone that is serious about affiliate marketing should be able to afford.

Ease of use, well it's pretty much a point and click system once you added your call back URL to your promoted affiliate products. The reports are very easy to read at a glance. I think most people will learn their way around the system within 10 minutes, it's not complicated at all, especially with the included tutorial videos.
Features, it collects the leads from your affiliate sales and presents you with statistics that allows you to make better decisions on your promotion efforts. It saves time, effort and more plus with the included tutorials and training the features more than justify the price.

Speaking of price, Affiliate Tracks sells on the vendors site for $67, Marketer Genius is passing a special pricing to our user of $27 and throwing in some bonuses to boot ( see below ).  Please note we only have a limited number of licenses we can sell at this price, once we sell our allowed amount the vendor will not allow any more to be sold at this price. This is not a scarcity tactic, its just how our arrangement with the vendor is.

I don't think you will find a better deal ( if there is a tool out there ) on an Affiliate lead collection and reporting system for JVZoo than Affiliate Trax. We use and recommend this product highly even if you miss out on our limited special buy it form the vendor at full price, it's worth it.

Click here to see the bonuses you get buying Affiliate Trax from Marketer Genius

Affiliate Trax
  • Ease of Use
  • Features
  • Price


Affiliate Trax is the first Affiliate lead collecting & Tracking software for JVZoo that we know of. Typically such affiliate applications are monthly fees or large payments. Luckily this is a one time fee for lifetime access to Affiliate Trax for $27

If you are a JVZoo affiliate and want to know how well your marketing efforts are paying off then Affiliate Trax is just about perfect. It is vital to collect leads and track sales with JVZoo and now you can.

Affiliate Trax grabs the leads automatically from JVZoo when you make a sale and can either collect them in a CSV file or add them to the support auto-responders automatically. You will grow your lists and make more sales.

We have secured only a handful of Affiliate Trax licenses at the special price of $27, they sell for $67 directly from the vendor and when they are gone they are gone we will not be able to get more licenses at this pricing so take advantage of our special Affiliate Trax discount while it is available.

Ps. Did we mention that you get these bonuses when purchasing Affiliate Trax - Check out the bonuses by clicking here





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